Terms and Conditions for Hire

By booking a space at HQ Urban Kitchen, I/WE agree that I have read and accepted the terms and conditions set out and I/WE agree to pay HQ Urban Kitchen for any losses or damages incurred during this hire period caused by the hire party or organisation and I further confirm that I have public liability insurance in place adequate to cover the stated uses and that I will provide a risk assessment for the event in writing in advance of the booking.

Please remember to provide us with a copy of your public liability insurance (and if you have your own employees a copy of your employer liability insurance) cover and an event specific risk assessment and please note that bookings are subject to receipt of these 48 hours prior to your event start time ([please note that this is the time that you arrive at the event to set up, not the time that the event is open to others to attend).

In confirming a booking, you agree to the following terms:

  • All hire fees must be paid in full, in advance of the event – failure to do so will result in the booking being cancelled with no further notice.
  • The provision of door personnel for private parties is a requirement of booking. You may not provide your own door security personnel.
  • Our own staff may come and go from the venue as we require without restriction – it is your responsibility to ensure that anyone on the door of the venue allows ease of access for our staff.
  • If you are providing your own staff/volunteers for the event, please make them all known to our staff on site – we will expect you to manage your own staff/volunteers.
  • Your staff/volunteers may not go behind the bar, into our kitchen or into any ‘staff only’ areas of the venue – only HQ Urban Kitchen staff are permitted in these areas.
  • If we have agreed a ‘tab’ with you for drinks at the bar, then this must be agreed in advance in writing by us and we will require a deposit for this, which must be paid in full in advance. For private hires by individuals, we will require the settlement of the tab at the end of your event before you leave. For corporate bodies hiring the venue, we will invoice you on the day following the event for the balance of fees for any tab and payment will be due on receipt of the invoice. Please note that we will not ordinarily agree a tab for anyone that is a first-time hirer and hiring the venue in a personal capacity.
  • We will arrange the furniture in the venue to meet your reasonable requirements, but please note that we cannot guarantee to remove all items of furniture from the venue.
  • If we provide a PA system for use by a band or DJ, then the system may only be operated by our own technicians. If you hire a PA system from a third party (including if provided by a band or DJ) then you must satisfy yourself that any contractor is competent to operate the equipment.
  • If you require any form of staging then you must agree this with us in advance and you must use a reputable contractor who will certify the structure, providing us with a copy. If the stage is outdoors, it must be adequately earthed.
  • Our staff will move furniture to your reasonable specifications – whilst we expect that you and your guests will move chairs to suit your needs, you may not otherwise move our furniture or rearrange the layout of the venue without our prior agreement.
  • You need to agree any items that are to be fixed to walls/ceilings with us in advance. Please note that we do not permit fixing of items to any painted or varnished surfaces.
  • You and your guests may login to our public WIFI – use of the system has its own terms and conditions (these are available on the login page).
  • You may distribute flyers for other activities events whilst in the venue, but we do not permit fixing of posters to any painted or varnished surfaces, and any posters otherwise displayed during an event must be removed at the conclusion of the event.
  • If your event is open to the public then we will display posters on our corridor notice boards, but we have a ‘no posters’ policy in the rest of our venue.
  • We can display a small number of flyers on our counter, but this is at our discretion and subject to maintaining a reasonably clear serving area.
  • If a DJ, band or other performer forms part of your booking and you or they would like us to dim/turn off some of the house lights then we will do so insofar as is feasible, but please note that the venue is not an auditorium and that we must maintain certain levels of lighting in the venue. Any switching off of house lights is at the sole discretion of our staff – you and your contractors may not operate or amend our house lighting in any circumstances.
  • All fire exits must be kept clear at all times, so any bands/DJs or other performers must be set up to ensure that exits remain clear.
  • If you or your contractors have cases/large items, then these must be removed from the venue once emptied and stored in a vehicle – we will be reasonable but there is limited additional storage on site, and we cannot restrict access into our storerooms.
  • You and your guests bring personal items to the venue at your own risk – we do not accept any liability for any lost or damaged personal items except where any loss or damage is clearly the fault of a member of our staff.
  • Any contractors must carry adequate insurance to cover their own equipment and possessions – we do not accept liability for the loss or damage of any items they bring with them except where any loss or damage is clearly the fault of a member of our staff.
  • You may not sell anything from our venue unless we have agreed this in advance with you in writing.
  • We do not allow you to bring your own food/drink (birthday cakes/small non-alcoholic party favours are permissable). If providing favours, please note that we try to be as environmentally sustainable as possible as a venue, so please try to restrict the use of single use plastics and any other environmentally harmful items.
  • Any contractors that you may use for your event, for example DJs or bands, must carry their own public liability (and if relevant employer’s liability) insurance and we may ask to see a copy of this in advance.
  • Any electrical equipment that you or your contractors use must be fit for purpose and carry a current PAT test sticker, this includes any items used by DJs/bands or other contractors you may use, including any extension leads (please note that it is no longer permissible to not PAT test an item because it is newly bought) and we reserve the right to refuse to allow items to be used if they do not meet this requirement.
  • You must ‘stage manage’ any performances by DJs/bands, which includes ensuring that they keep to reasonable sound levels, that they conclude performances within agreed times to adhere to our license agreements, and that they operate in a safe and considerate manner.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy to abuse of our staff – we will work with you to identify any persons that are abusive and once they will be removed from the venue (including the courtyard) immediately and may not to return.
  • CCTV operates in the venue and will be in operation throughout the event. Signage is present in the venue to make people aware of this. Under GDPR rules you are not permitted to view our CCTV footage.
  • Please note that the venue has residential student accommodation on upper floors and so we must keep to reasonable sound levels, including noise levels outdoors late in the evening.
  • You must remove all items that you bring with you from the event at the conclusion of the event, including any packaging materials and excess rubbish.
  • No smoking is permitted in the venue, this includes vaping. Smoking/vaping outdoors is permitted but must be away from doors/windows.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy to the use of illegal drugs, and anyone caught using illegal drugs inside the venue or in the courtyard area will be required to leave.
  • If we agree to you to using a catering contractor, they must bring all their equipment with them – they will not be permitted to use our kitchens.
  • If we agree to you using a catering contractor, they must be registered with their relevant Environmental Health regulatory body and must display their ‘scores on the doors’ sticker.
  • In any event, no catering contractor is permitted to provide or sell drinks.
  • You and your guests are not permitted to bring food or drink from any other premises into our venue.
  • With our prior agreement you may pull one or two vehicles into the yard to unload but these must be removed and parked offsite once you have unloaded – you must remove your vehicle(s) before you set up. Vehicles may not be brought back until the event has concluded and vehicle movement on site is restricted to 5mph. If people are still in the yard at the time the event concludes we may require you to park on street to load up at the end of the event.
  • You may not incorporate any high risk activities within your event without our prior written agreement, such events to include, but not be limited to: fire eating/juggling, any form of pyrotechnics, any performance or activity that takes place at height such as abseiling/tightrope walking or similar, any event that uses drones for any purpose, any form of fairground ride or indoor ride, or bouncy castles/any form of inflatable play equipment.
  • If you have any form of children’s entertainment, then you warrant that you have taken adequate precautions to ensure that any entertainers are DBS checked and fit to work with children.
  • In any event, the safeguarding of any children, minors or vulnerable people will be your responsibility as the event organiser. With young children especially please note that the courtyard is open to the street on two sides.
  • Whilst we can restrict access to the venue to you, your guests, and our staff, please note that we cannot restrict access to the outside courtyard.
  • We are a dog friendly venue, but owners must adhere to our dog-friendly guidance, which is available on request.
  • You are welcome to market your event, but in doing so you must not do anything that implies that you own or operate the venue or do anything that would otherwise bring our venue into disrepute.
  • Any events or activities that you operate must be operated in accordance with any Covid19 rules and guidance in place at the time from Welsh Government. If mask wearing is a requirement at the time of any booking, we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone not wearing a mask unless they are exempt.
  • We will not permit any event to take place in our venue that contravenes our equal opportunities policies. Any events or activities that promote or incite hate are not permitted. If an event is booked under false pretences and as it progresses, we determine that the event is in contravention with our values of equality then we reserve the right to immediately cease the event and ask you to leave. In the unlikely event that this occurs no deposits will be refunded, and all costs incurred to that point will remain payable.
  • Events must end at the time stated in your booking that we have agreed with you. We will not extend the booking beyond this time.
  • Any discount that we may provide for a booking applies to the quoted amount showing the discount only; any future events or additional items that are later specified are not subject to any discounts applied to the original booking.
  • Force majeure applies to all events – in the event of circumstances beyond our control we may cancel the booking. In such events we will refund any fees paid, less costs we have incurred that we cannot get refunded. We will not be liable for any costs that you may incur in this event.
  • Should any party we deal with become insolvent or be declared bankrupt then we will cancel the booking immediately and refund any fees paid less any costs that we have incurred to that date that are non-refundable.
  • Should there be a dispute that escalates to requiring settlement in a court of law, then both parties agree that the courts of England and Wales shall have full jurisdiction.
  • If any items in these terms proves unenforceable, it shall have no bearing on the remaining clauses.

Deposits, Bookings and Cancellations

  • A deposit of the full room hire cost is required to secure the date for your event.
  • Buffet bookings must be confirmed a minimum of two weeks before the event, this includes agreed menu and any food allergies or dietary requirements for your party.
  • Buffets and venue hire must be paid for in full one week prior to the event for private hire.

Hire cancellation costs when cancelled by client:

  • Free cancellation 14 days or more. Between 7 and 13 days: 50% of venue hire and 100% of catering.

Booking schedule:

  • Book date, £100 deposit required to secure date or P.O. number for business and public sector.
  • Event outline and requirements agreed.
  • 2 weeks before: Menu and venue layout confirmed for event space.
  • 1 week before: balance due for 100% of catering and venue hire.
  • Bar tab: Any agreed bar tab must be paid in advance on the night or in the week prior to the event. Any unused bar tab allocation will be refunded to the client.


Some spillages and accidental breakages are to be expected and we will be reasonable in this regard, but we reserve the right to levy a damages or spoilage charge for events that cause damage to the venue or unreasonable levels of mess.


We would be delighted to help you create the perfect event for you and your guests. Fill out this form and we will contact you to discuss your needs and book your event. Please make sure you have read our Terms and conditions before completing the Enquiry Form.

You can also email us at info@hqurbankitchen.co.uk or visit us at HQ Urban Kitchen, The Old Police Station, Llys Glas, 37 Orchard Street, Swansea SA1 5AJ.